5.10 acres off Acala Rd Hudspeth TX

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Start investing in your future with this beautiful parcel of Texas land.  This off grid parcel has dirt road access just 11 miles off Highway 10.  The open skies and fresh air will rejuvenate your as gaze at the Whiterock hills that stand proudly in the northern horizon.  When you need supplies, Fort Hancock is just 20 miles away, or drive about an hour to El Paso.

Access to this property is by 11 miles of dirt road and a short (300 yard) overland easement.  There are actually multiple easements for access across parcel borders, and although the terrain is flat and dry, a 4×4 would be recommended.

Taxes are very low, making this a great parcel to hold on to as an investment.  The area provides a great place to camp, explore, shoot, ride, or possibly hunt the occasional mule deer or javalina.

Power: Would be solar
Sewer: Would be septic
Title: Warranty Deed
POA/HOA Fees: None known
Taxes: $10.76 annual

5.10 acres off Acala Rd Hudspeth TX

5.10 acres off Acala Rd Hudspeth TX

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5.1 acres






Fort Hancock, TX 79839

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Legal Description

75 TSP 5 SEC 28 T & P LOT 98 (5.10 ACRES)

75 TSP 5 SEC 28 T & P LOT 98 (5.10 ACRES)

Nearest Cities

Fort Hancock, Texas

Fort Hancock, Texas


Rural Land

Rural Land


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